Mission Creep on the Original “Lost in Space”

I didn’t know Guy Williams was supposed to be the hero when I was a girl. I thought it was Billy Mumy’s show, and the rest were his supporting cast.


Having already done a post on Jonathan Harris, we thought it only equitable that we should publish our Lost in Space post on the birthday of Guy Williams (Armando Joseph Catalano, 1924-1989), who was the ostensible star of the show in the first place.

Now that Lost in Space has been rebooted, and not for the first time, the basic framework of the show may require but little explanation even among young people, but I bet some of the background is unknown even to fans of the original show. The concept was adapted from the Gold Key comic book Space Family Robinson, which launched (ha! I said “launched!) in 1962. The comic of course was a play on the concept of Swiss Family Robinson, only now instead of a 19th century family being marooned on an island, the story is set in the future (1997!), with a…

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