The Redhead of Rajastan

I have been scribbling on Medium lately and ignoring my blog. Shaunta Grimes of Ninja Writers says it’s important for writers to blog. Therefore, I’m back … to blog about my Medium posts.

I haven’t found a niche on Medium yet: I’ve done restaurant reviews, talked about TV shows, and serialized some fiction. My most popular Medium posts thus far have been a new pulp adventure called The Redhead of Rajastan, about a teenaged American on the fictional island of Rajastan. Rajastan is a fictional island in the Arabian Sea, northwest of India, roughly parallel with Gujarat. Mem-sahib Cynthia Jackson inherited Jackson’s Jazz Club from her father. It’s the hottest jazz club this side of Bombay, and home to the only jukebox on Rajastan.

Chapter 1 Introducing Timothy Akbar Patel.

Chapter 2 Case of Count Davidoff

Chapter 3 The Case of Count Davidoff

Chapter 4 The Case of Count Davidoff

Another chapter, perhaps two, should be sufficient for me to finish this story. I already have rough plans for the next story in the series.

Timothy Akbar Patel is based on Sallah in the Indiana Jones movies, only more swarthy. He’s multilingual and quite literate. He is “manager, accountant, and number two¬†tabla¬†drummer ” of Jackson’s Jazz Club. He’s particular about his wardrobe, wearing bespoke white linen suits that are made for him in Bombay. He makes the trek to Bombay to buy alcohol, new suits, and records for the jukebox once a year. He’s known Cynthia since she was in nappies, and his feelings toward her are affectionately avuncular. This doesn’t mean he’s not tempted to backhand her occasionally.

Rajastan is loosely based on the Sabu version of Jungle Book and very loosely on the Bruce Boxleitner TV show Bring ‘Em Back Alive.