Susan Murrie Macdonald is a minor author.  She has written fantasy and western short stories, a children’s book, and will have a children’s story (co-written with her son) appearing in an on-line magazine in the spring of 2017.  She is also an occasional journalist, a blogger, a ghostwriter of other people’s blogs, and a freelance proofreader.

Susan Murrie with her children's book Susan Murrie Macdonald is an ex-teacher, ex-county bureaucrat, and ex-soccer mom.


R is for Renaissance Faire: an alphabetical, pictorial guide to RenFaires.  Two five-star reviews on Amazon!  Available in e-book or paperback.

Knee-High Drummond and the Durango Kid:  a collection of western short stories.  E-book only.

Sword and Sorceress #30:  a collection of fantasy short stories, including Mrs. Macdonald’s “The Piper’s Wife.”

Supernatural Colorado:  a collection of eldritch short stories, including Mrs. Macdonald’s “Thank You, Thad.”

Barbarian Crowns: a collection of fantasy stories, including Mrs. Macdonald’s “Vixen’s Song” and “Two Princes.”

Captain’s Claim,” winner of the eSpec Books Flash Fiction Contest.

Assorted articles for Krypton Radio, The Inquisitr, The Millington Star, BlogMutt, and HubPages.

Follow her on Twitter at @WriterMacdonald or on Facebook.

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