Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream

We’ve just returned from a family vacation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I’ll do a full travelogue later, but for now, a restaurant review.

Being forced to eat out every meal (except for the barely adequate continental breakfast at our hotel), we had pizza three or four times.  Of all the places we ate, Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream had the best pizza we tasted in Chattanooga.  I can’t guarantee it’s the best in Chattanooga, but it’s the best we had, better than the pizza at the Silver Diner at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and far better than the pizza at the Tennessee Aquarium or the Applebee’s downtown.

Service was quick and friendly.  The pizza was delicious, and the prices were reasonable.  In a tourist area, one expects the prices to be higher, but they weren’t.  Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream is in the St. Elmo neighborhood, at the foot of Lookout Mountain, directly across the street from the Incline Railway, the world’s steepest passenger railway.

Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream is at 3924 Tennessee Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37409.  It’s easy to find because of the big ice cream cone on top.

There is a small parking lot with free parking (a blessing in a tourist destination like Chattanooga).  We had to park on the street the first time we went, a Sunday afternoon.  When we went back on Wednesday to try their ice cream, we were able to use their parking lot.  Ice cream prices were comparable to Dairy Queen or Baskin-Robbins.  My son especially liked the Deer Tracks flavor, vanilla ice cream with a fudge ribbon and peanut butter cups.

If you go to Chattanooga, riding the Incline Railway is a must-do. Ride it up, admire the view from Lookout Mountain.  Walk to Battles for Chattanooga and Point Park.  Buy souvenirs.  Ignore the pizza for sale at the top railway station and the ice cream parlor at the bottom of the railway.  Once you’re done sightseeing, go across the street to Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream.  You’ll appreciate the quality and the price.

My son is planning to attend University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  (UTC) and be a Chattanooga Moc, so we’ll be returning to Chattanooga.  When we do, we’ll be returning to Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream.