13 Ways Writers are Mistaken for Serial Killers

Some say being a writer is like being a deity — creator and destroyer of worlds. Kristen Lamb says being a writer is like being a serial killer.

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I love being a writer. It’s a world like no other and it’s interesting how non-writers are simultaneously fascinated and terrified of us. While on the surface, people seem to think that what we do is easy, deep down? There is a part that knows they’re wrong. That being a writer, a good writer, is a very dark place most fear to tread.

In fact, I think somewhere at the BAU, there’s a caveat somewhere. If you think you profiled a serial killer, double check to make sure you didn’t just find an author.

Hint: Check for empty Starbuck’s cups.

Writers, if you are NOT on a government watch list? You’re doing it wrong.

Seriously. I took out my knee last week (ergo the sudden dropping off the face of the blogosphere) which just left me a lot of free time to…

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Incestuous and Ouroborean

The worms go in, the worms go out. The worms play pinochle on your snout.

My last few articles have been feeding on themselves, like the worm Ouroboros.

  1. I read Kristen Lamb’s “A Culture Addicted to FREE — How FREE is Poisoning the Internet & Killing the Creatives.”
  2. I reblogged her blog.
  3. Thinking I had failed at my attempt to reblog, I wrote about her blog in my blog “Creativity, Ethics, and Fair Play in the Internet Age.”
  4. I used Ms. Lamb’s blogs as the basis for an Inquisitr article.”Dying from Exposure – Is ‘Working for Exposure’ an Opportunity or Exploitation?.”
  5. I promoted my Inquisitr article on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  6. I began working on a blog containing some of the same themes and using some of the same resources.  (Sorry, due to client confidentiality I can neither link to their blog nor name it.)
  7. I recycled the basic information from my blog and Ms. Lamb’s blogs into a Slant News article, which was published yesterday, “Why Paying Creators in Exposure is a Total Rip-Off” (their title, not mine).
  8. I promoted my Slant article on Facebook and Twitter.
  9. I wrote a blog about the circular nature of my recent writing on this topic.

If it seems incestuous in a literary context, it’s because I Need The MoneyInquisitr pays me a set fee for each article, which will increase if I successfully pass my probationary internship.  Slant News pays per the click, and as yet, I have not written enough to earn my first farthing from Slant. It may be immodest, it may be tooting my own horn, but self-promotion is the only way to earn a few pennies.  At present, I’ve finally accomplished my life-long goal of being a professional writer, but I’m currently working at less than minimum wage as a freelance cyber-journalist and blogger.

My graphic designer and I are working very hard on R is for Renaissance Faire, and I think it will be ready on or before my self-imposed release date. I know I won’t get rich or famous from it, but I’m hoping it sells enough copies to help pay the bills.  After that, back to ghostwriting other people’s blogs, writing fiction and sending it out for rejection slips (or maybe self-publishing through Highland Heather Press), and writing stories as a freelance cyber-journalist.

Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love.                                                                                     Then you do it for a few friends. Finally you do it for money.   Moliere

My Slant News articles thus far:

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{The image “Not for Sale” is by Ira Gelb and was the cover image to Kristen Lamb’s “A Culture Addicted to FREE — How FREE is Poisoning the Internet & Killing the Creatives.”}