Donald Trump vs. Kanye West

Kanye West says he wants to run for president in 2020. Some people think it’s just a publicity stunt — something Kanye is no stranger to. Some people say the US still isn’t ready for its first African-American president (not even a Constitutional scholarcommunity organizer, and legislator) and certainly isn’t ready for a second African-American president like Ben Carson,Condoleezza Rice, or Colin Powell, and no way on God’s green Earth is the country ready for a singer as president.

Well, Ronald Reagan was an actor. So why can’t a singer be president?

Let’s compare Kanye West to one of the current candidates. Can he make the cut? After all, in this current political, social and economic climate, it seems like everybody is running for president, from ex-First Ladies to millionaires who are all too familiar with bankruptcy court to politicians who keep being called liars by PolitiFact.

Donald Trump is accused of being arrogant. So is Kanye West. That’s one thing they have in common. Trump’s been married three times and divorced twice. Kanye is still with his first wife and seems pretty fond of her, but he is her third husband, so that evens out. Trump is a real estate developer, a reality TV star, and an investor in sports and entertainment. His companies (but not him personally) have filed for bankruptcy four times. Kanye is a music producer, a singer, a songwriter, and a fashion designer. He’s a self-made millionaire; he didn’t get a head start from Daddy’s money like Trump did. And Kanye has never filed for bankruptcy. Both Trump and Kanye want to be Commander-in-Chief without ever having served in the military. Trump claims that going to military school makes him as well-qualified as men and women who’ve served in our Armed Forces; Kanye is honest about the fact he’s never been a soldier.

As for whether Kanye West is competent to run the country, or compete with Bernie Sanders or John Kasich, that’s a matter of opinion. But he’s definitely as competent as Donald Trump.