A Letter of Introduction

My name is Susan Murrie Macdonald, and I am a wordsmith.  I am a ghostwriter of other people’s blogs, a rejection slip collector, a (too) frequent commenter on Facebook, a freelance proofreader, a former comic book letterhack, an occasional human interest writer for the Millington Star, and an author of fiction.  It occurred to me that after doing so many blogs for other people, perhaps I had better attempt one of my one.

I had a short story, “Thank You, Thad,” published in the anthology Colorado Supernatural and I will have a short story, “The Piper’s Wife,” published in the fantasy anthology Sword and Sorceress #30 this fall.

I am an ex-teacher, an ex-“civil serpent,” an ex-soccer Mom (still a Mom, just the kids aren’t playing soccer anymore), and an ex-SeaWorld food services worker. I am currently a SAHM and a wordsmith.  I write blogs for other people, mostly travel, entertainment, florists, jewelers, realtors, and political opinions.  I am trying to improve my fiction writing and sell more stories.  I am also working on a children’s biography of one of the unsung heroines of the Civil Rights movement. I’m a guest member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and as soon as my budget permits, I intend to upgrade to full membership in EFA and join the American Copy Editors Society.  I have a husband, two teenagers (one high school, one middle school), and a cat who thinks I am the maid.  My hobbies include baking, reading, genealogy, Highland Games, science fiction conventions, Native American pow-wows, and Renaissance Faires.  I’m a member of Clan Murray by birth and Clan Donald by marriage.  I am volunteering with the first annual Mid-South Renaissance Faire and might even get to be a Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth I.

I graduated from James Madison High School in San Diego, CA, and earned a bachelor’s degree from SDSU as an English major and an anthropology minor. I got my teaching credential (now expired, alas) through Alliant University.