Could Bernie Sanders Still Become President?

As my readers know, I’m a fifth-generation Republican who crosses party lines occasionally to vote for the best qualified candidate. On Facebook, I’m a member of Republicans for Bernie Sanders and Moderates for Bernie.

Is this pure wishful thinking? Or does this strike you as plausible?  I’m reblogging “How Bernie Sanders Could Become President With Only 130,000 Votes.”  What do you think?  Is this possible, but unlikely?  Is this impossible?

And does anyone really understand the Electoral College?



After reading Dawn Papple’s excellent article in The Inquisitr a few days ago, about how it was theoretically possible for Bernie Sanders to still become President, I shared the article with some friends and found that they were confused at how this scenario could occur, so I decided to write my own article and hopefully answer everyone’s questions, as well as recruit a few hundred people to help make this into a reality.

Here are some of the questions I received over the last few days while promoting this idea on social media.

Have You Lost Your Mind? Bernie Sanders Dropped Out of the Race!! How Could He Become President???

In order to be elected President a candidate must win 270 electoral college votes.

Each state is assigned so many electoral votes and whichever candidate wins the popular vote in that state wins that state’s electoral votes.

For example, when Donald…

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Celtic Fest 2016, Brownsville, TN

Celtic Fest 2016

September 17 and 18, 2016, was the 11th annual Celtic Fest.  The Celtic Society of West Tennessee has been hosting an autumn Celtic Fest for over a decade.  The date varies, the location varies, but every fall, there is a Celtic Fest in Tennessee somewhere between the Loosahatchie River and the Tennessee River. This year, for the first time, the festival was in Haywood County, at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville.


The best part of Celtic Fest, in my opinion, is the music.  This year the performers included:

Tuatha Dea: Celtic/Appalachian/folk/rock/tribal fusion

Cara-Anne and the Minstrels: folk music


North East Arkansas Caledonian Pipes bagpipes

Bobby and Sue Bates: Scottish and Irish folk songs

Medieval Lassie: storyteller and folksinger

Birdsong School of Music Harps:  religious and Celtic harp music

John and Vickie LeCroy, with Scott Myatt: Celtic and contemporary music

Rob Millette: contemporary and traditional Celtic



Vendors and Performers

In addition to the musical performers listed above, Sarah Rohde demonstrated clog dancing, and later gave impromptu tap lessons to three girls. The Scottish Armoury sold dirks and other blades, as well as clan badges and journals.  Blue Goose Soaps and Gilded Lily both sold scented soaps and lotions.  Terrie K sold mugs, jewelry, and CDs.  Tuatha Dea sold five different CDs, t-shirts, and assorted fannish memorabilia.  The Haywood County Chamber of Commerce was selling t-shirts; Sue and Bobby Bates were selling CDs.  There were face painters, people selling tartan pillow cases and books, and a blacksmith.  One of the food vendors was selling Irn Bru, a Glaswegian soda pop that is something of an acquired taste, but which my husband loves.  (He bought a six-pack to take home.)  The other food vendor was the ResQ Cafe, with BBQ sandwiches, Cornish pasties, Irish stew, nachos, etc., with the money raised going to Loving Paws Rescue, a local animal charity.   There were some combat demonstrations by the SCA Saturday, but due to schedule conflicts, we were only able to attend on Sunday.




Celtic Fest through the Years

Celtic Fest began in Jackson, TN, (Madison County) and for the first few years was at the Casey Jones Village, behind the Old Country Store.  That was a wonderful site:  lots of room, and a nearby playground where the kids could burn off energy.  In the early days, Celtic Fest had clan tents, vendors, heritage groups, and local high school and college students volunteering for community service hours.  Musicians came from as far away as Texas and Kentucky.  About three-four years ago, if I remember correctly, Celtic Fest moved from Jackson to Parkers Crossroads (Henderson County).  The city park where the festival took place had a nice stage, and there was a small playground for the kids. And this year, the festival took place for the first time in Brownsville (Haywood County).

Over the years, Celtic Fest has slowly shrunk.  First, the clan tents stopped coming, which meant the festival couldn’t have the traditional parade of the clans.  Then, fewer vendors came: a matter of economics, if people can’t afford to buy their goods, they can’t afford to come.  Not as many dancers come — it used to be Inis Acla School of Irish Dance sent their students, and I believe (going by memory here) that Scottish country dance groups used to come.  Local libraries and genealogy groups used to come.  But schedules got busy and budgets got tight, and each year the festival seems smaller and smaller. (I’ve heard similar complaints from other festivals.)

I like the new site.  I hope Celtic Fest stays here a few years, and I hope it starts to grow again.

West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center


Brittany Hardaway of WBBJ Channel 7 interviewed Sue Bates and me, as well as some other people. As I told Ms. Hardaway, I liked the new site.


The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center had a nice grassy meadow behind their buildings, where the festival took place.  They had several mini-museums in their air-conditioned buildings, as well as real bathrooms.  The festival had port-a-potties, of course, but personally I’d rather walk a few yards further, especially when I’m wearing a hoop skirt, to use a real bathroom.  There were also three fast food restaurants in walking distance, for those who didn’t care for Cornish pasties or Irish stew.  (You can see Kentucky Fried Chicken in the background of the photo above.) The center had several small museums: the West Tennessee Cotton Museum, the West Tennessee Music Museum, the Hatchie River Museum, the “Sleepy John” Estes Home, and the Tina Turner Museum @Flagg Grove School.

“Sleepy John” Estes was a pioneer of blues music and his house is on the grounds, next to an old one-room country school. Flagg Grove School is where Tina Turner went to school, and is now the Tina Turner Museum. The front of the building displays several of her costumes and gold records.  The back of the building tells what “colored” schools were like in the early to mid-20th century.



Thanks to the Sponsors and Volunteers of Celtic Fest 2016

Gramercy to the sponsors of Celtic Fest 2016: the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, the city of Jackson, TN, Hippie Radio 105.3, Walker’s Shortbread, Coca-Cola of Lexington, TN, the Jackson Arts Council, Tennessee Concert Sound, and Great Scot International.  Tapadh leibh to the volunteers and organizers, Sue Bates and her gallant but overworked crew.

And for Celtic Fest 2017?

I’d love to see Celtic Fest regain its former glory.  I’d love to see more clan tents and Scottish American Military Society and Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and St. Andrew’s societies and sister-city groups that are paired with Scottish towns.  I’d love to see genealogy societies and crafts demonstrations.  House of Douglas Scottish Bakery, luthier Kelly Amsden and jewelry-maker Susan Amsden, Hamish’s Dreck, Celtic Realms, aye, I’m talking to you.  (Please note:  this is my personal desire.  I do not represent Celtic Society of West Tennessee, nor do I have the authority to speak for them.)  I know the Clan Donald USA conveners are in eastern Tennessee and the Murray Clan Society of North America are in central Tennessee, so it’s a long drive for either of them, but surely there must be some clan associations in western Tennessee or northern Mississippi.

I’d like to see more children’s activities:  coloring contests, cardboard caber tossing, carnival games, bounce castles, etc. This would mean more volunteers, and possibly more money.  Spending other people’s money is rather like belling the cat — easy in theory, harder in practice.  My kids would like more for teenagers to do, although they’ve been vague on what would interest teenagers.  Both liked going to the museums at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center for a break from the festival (and for the air conditioning and indoor plumbing).  My son liked the aquarium at the Hatchie River Museum and my daughter liked the costumes at the Tina Turner Museum.

Maybe next year Highland Heather Travel and Press will have a tent, for people who want to go on holiday to Scotland or Ireland or people who want to buy R is for Renaissance Faire.




Dr. Simon McKay, aka the Wizard

Do you remember a TV show called The Wizard? It premiered thirty years ago, on September 9, 1986. Unfortunately, it only lasted 19 episodes.  It was about a toymaker named Simon McKay and his live-in bodyguard, Alex Jagger.

Why did a toymaker need a live-in bodyguard?  Well, he was in more danger from Moscow than Mattel.  Simon McKay — who patented his first invention at the age of seven — was described as the greatest inventive mind of our time.  Before he went into toymaking, he was a weapons designer and analyst for the Pentagon.  There are people who would happily abduct Dr. McKay to sell his brains to the highest bidder.  Hence, the bodyguard, especially after those six years.

What six years?  Well, after an incident at the Pentagon where a colleague tried to sabotage a project and kill him, Simon decided he needed to rethink his priorities.  So he resigned his position, and disappeared for six years.  CIA, FBI, MI6, KGB — no one could find him, and everyone looked.  He reappeared in Los Angeles, moved into a house on Elm Street (hence the nickname the Wizard of Elm Street), and set up as a toymaker.  The American government was afraid he’d disappear again, either of his own accord or be abducted.  After all, if the KGB or GRU had found Simon, they wouldn’t have let him go.

Image result for david rappaport

Simon McKay (David Rappaport)

Hair: red (halfway between chestnut and auburn)

Eyes:  blue

Height:  3’11”

Weight:  I’m too polite to ask him.  None of my business.

Background:  Born in England.  When his parents realized he would never grow big, they decided it was important he grew up.  About the same age as he patented his first invention, he was apprenticed to a freighter out of Liverpool as a cabin boy.

“When my parents realized I was never going to grow big, they decided I’d need to grow up, and fast. So they apprenticed me onto a tramp freighter when I was seven. When the other kids were going down slides and kicking a ball, I was sailing from Liverpool to Singapore, fetching and carrying every mile of the way.”

How and why a British inventor came to work for the Pentagon was never explained, nor why his enemy Troyan was working on the same project, as he was equally British.  Perhaps Simon was a naturalized American citizen, perhaps it was an international project.  At any rate, Simon worked at the Pentagon, and the last project he worked on was a communications satellite which his colleague Troyan (first name never revealed on the show) had been paid by a foreign power to sabotage.  Simon found out about the sabotage and tried to stop Troyan.  Troyan tried to kill Simon, but was caught in his own trap and subjected to radiation poisoning which has left him in constant pain ever since.  After the incident, Simon decided he needed to rethink his priorities.

“The Pentagon has five sides and I suddenly found myself opposite most of them.”

He spent over a year in Tibet.  Where he spent the rest of the time, he hasn’t said yet.  That’s a question for fanfic to answer.

Occupation:  inventor, toymaker, ex-weapons designer/analyst

Simon McKay was  short in stature, gigantic in brain power, and titanic in imagination.  He celebrated dreaming and imagination. His mantra was that anything was possible, but he wasn’t an idealist.

“An idealist is someone who thinks ’cause a rose smells better than a cabbage it will make better soup. I am not an idealist.”

Alex Jagger was a CIC agent who was assigned as Simon’s live-in bodyguard.  (After 30 years, I don’t remember what CIC stood for, and my Google Fu is too weak to find the information on-line.)  At first, he wasn’t crazy about the assignment, but he and Simon soon became friends.  Alex was the brawn to Simon’s brain.

Alex Jagger:  Douglas Barr

Hair: dark brown

Eyes:  hazel

Height:  6’1″

Weight:  I’m too polite to ask him.  None of my business.

Image result for fran ryan

Tillie Russell:  Fran Ryan

Hair:  red (carroty-orange)

Tillie Russell has been a friend and surrogate mother to Simon since he was a child.  She was the ship’s cook on the freighter where he was a cabin boy.  After Simon rescued her from Troyan in Hong Kong, she became his housekeeper, taking care of him and Alex.


There is a Facebook group dedicated to attempting to get The Wizard released on DVD.  Feel free to check out their FB page. I also blogged about The Wizard at HubPages in more detail.