Towel Day

May 25, 2020, is Memorial Day in the USA, when we commemorate those who have fallen in their country’s service. It is traditionally celebrated by cleaning and decorating cemetaries, shopping for patio furniture, picnicking on the beach, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, drinking soda pop or pink lemonade. If you live in the right part of the country, you might have rhubarb pie for dessert.

May 25 is also Towel Day, the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May, and Geek Pride Day. It is a day Hitchhiker’s Guide fans carry a towel in public and Discworld fans wear a sprig of lilac in honor of the late Sir Terry Prachett. It is also International Geek Pride Day. In addition, the first Star Wars film made its theatrical debut on May 25, 1977.

Today is also the day my second Space Force story, “Dick Dibble’s Birthday” is being published in Space Force: Building a Legacy. My first USSF story, “The Lizard-Men from Outer Space” will be published later this year in Tales of the Space Force. No date has been announced yet by the publisher, B Cubed Press.

If you live where rhubarb pie is common, you can probably obtain a sprig of lilac. (The two plants thrive in the same climate and like robins, are regarded as harbingers of Spring.)

Memorial Day, in the US, is considered the unofficial start of Summer. Schools are getting out for summer vacation. In Orange County, California [before the Pandemic and the Lockdown] Memorial Day weekend was the Orange County Highland Games, which my husband and I went to every year. It was also the date of an SCA War – Potrero War, I think, but not being an SCadian, I won’t swear to that, and Media*WestCon in Lansing, Michigan, a fanfic-centered SF con which I never attended, but long wanted to. Media^West was the convention that awarded the FanQ Awards for the best fanfiction written that year. Back when most fanfic was in fanzines, not on the Internet, most ‘zine publishers aimed for Memorial Day Weekend to release new ‘zines.

  1. Derecho a ser más friki. The right to be freaky.
  2. Derecho a quedarse en casa. The right to stay home.
  3. Derecho a no tener pareja y ser virgen. The right to be single and virgin.
  4. Derecho a no gustarnos el fútbol ni el deporte. The right to not like soccer or other sports.
  5. Derecho a la asociación friki. The right to Freaky/Geeky association.
  6. Derecho a tener pocos amigos (o ninguno). The right to few friends or none.
  7. Derecho a tener todos los amigos frikis que se quieran. The right to have all the Geeky friends you want.
  8. Derecho a no ir a la moda. The right to ignore fashion.
  9. Derecho al sobrepeso y a la miopía.
  10. Derecho a exhibir el propio frikismo.
  11. Derecho a dominar el Mundo.
[Image via Pixabay}
{image via Pixabay}

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