Saluqi Mom, Saluqi Wife

My son, as I’ve mentioned before, attends the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which makes him a UTC Moc and me a proud Moc Mom.  However, during the summer he is getting some of his general education (GE) classes out of the way at Southwest Tennessee Community College.  My husband lost his job for medical reasons.  He’s decided to write, since he has time now.  Therefore, both my my son and husband are taking English 1010 (English Composition I).  This makes me a Saluqi Mom as well as a Saluqi Wife.

Yes, Southern Illinois University also uses Saluki as a mascot.  No, I don’t know why the schools spell it differently.

2 Salukis

My son will be returning to UTC.  He’ll transfer his English class there, and go back to being a Moc. He’ll take more of his GE classes, and then start his preparation for major prerequisites.  He’s seriously considering Criminal Justice Studies as a major.

My husband had originally only intended to take the one composition class to improve his writing.  However, his adviser convinced him to go back to school to earn an associate’s degree in History.  Studying history will help him as a writer, especially as a fantasy author.  Next semester he’s planning to take English 1020 (English Composition II), which focuses on writing reports whilst English 1010 focuses on writing essays.  He will also take a history class, possibly US history, possibly a history elective.

Because of his medical issues, my husband doesn’t drive.  I’ve been driving them to campus,  then sitting in on the class to take notes for my husband.  Next semester, we’re compromising on schedules.  I intend to sub three days a week.  He’ll take classes twice a week.  I’ll also try to write and proofread on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As much as I love both my Saluqis, I wish Shelby County had better bus service so I didn’t need to chauffeur them both.  Driving to and from campus is cutting into my writing time.  I have a novel to finish.

Feature image by Thomas R Machnitzki for the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, posted here through Creative Commons.  The picture of the dogs is from the SIU website.  No copyright infringement is intended for either photograph.


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