MidSouthCon Schedule Is Up!

Larry Hoy and I will both be panelists at MidSouthCon.

Larry Hoy

Has been posted!!!   Yea!!!  (MidSouthCon Schedule – click here)

Some of the events you just DON’T want to miss.

Saturday March 10 11:am – There is a great panel that works to answer the tough question of:   It’s Written – Now What?

Saturday March 10 12:noon – I’m getting matched up with a collection of artistic types to discuss Discussing local groups and the benefits of working and socializing with other creators and creative types.

Sunday March 11 10:am – I ‘ll be trying to figure out —  Finding your Muse:  Story Inspirations.

I also have spots on Pro Row Saturday & Sunday at 1:pm

And if you can’t find me at any of those…  I’ll be helping out with the Memphis Writers Booth / Malice in Memphis Booth, and hitting as many panels as I can get into.

I”M STOKED – See you there!!

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