I’m Disappointed in You, Mr. President

Dear President Trump,

I am disappointed in you, sir.  This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.  I pointed out in 2012 you were unfit to be president.  I repeated it in 2016.  I’ve kept repeating it in blogs, on Twitter, in Facebook, in Alternative Truths and in More Alternative Truths.

I am disappointed in you.  Not surprised by your vulgarity — I’ve come to expect that –but disappointed that you are doing such a poor job as leader of the United States of America and a worse job as the international representative of our nation.

An acquaintance of mine pointed out that this has been a busy week for you: people seriously suggesting that Oprah Winfrey is better qualified for your job than you are, cancelling/postponing a trip to the UK and lying about the reasons, Mr. Ed jokes about you being a stable genius, and rudely referring to other countries by a word I prefer not to repeat.

Some people think you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  If true, you may be incapable of distinguishing between truth and lies.  Some people think you’ve inherited your father’s Alzheimer’s syndrome.  I’m curious as to the results of your physical examination.  I hope it included a mental and psychological evaluation, so these questions may be answered.

It’s been suggested that you’re suffering from the after-effects of syphilis.  You have claimed to have been extraordinarily sexually active in your youth.  It’s also been suggested you’re just a petty-souled, mean-hearted SOB, which based on what I’ve read about you, seems very likely (although not necessarily mutually exclusive with you having one or more medical problems aggravating your condition).

Whatever the reason, sir, your behavior is unpresidential.  It is unbecoming.  We’ve had racist presidents before.  We’ve had sexist presidents before.  We’ve had presidents who used too much profanity before.  They, however, were at least aware of the concept of discretion, that there’s a time and place to say certain things, and the Oval Office is not that place when it comes to making vulgar and discourteous comments.

There are grounds — multiple grounds — for impeachment, sir.  Emoluments, conflicts of interest, nepotism for a certainty, with the possibility of treason for your dealings with Russia.  Your behavior gives grounds for the 25th Amendment.  You don’t seem to be enjoying your job, Mr. President.  You’re certainly not very good at it.  You are soiling the good name of the United States of America in the eyes of the world, lowering our reputation amongst our peers.  Why not resign?  It would be easier for you and easier for the nation.  You’d have more time for golf and more time to spend with your grandchildren.

You don’t understand the three branches of government or the system of checks and balances.  You don’t understand the Constitution.  Worse, you don’t seem to understand how little you do comprehend.

Please, sir, for the good of the nation, seriously consider resigning.  There’s no shame in admitting the job was too big for you.

Respectfully yours,

Susan M. Macdonald


PS  I was a fifth-generation Republican until November 9, 2016.  I refuse to belong to any party that has an unethical businessman with a documented history of sexism and racism as its leader.  I have not decided whether or not I may return to the GOP if you step down from the presidency.

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