People of MAT: Melinda LaFevers

More Alternative Truths, coming November 11, from B Cubed Press, is more than a book. It is people.

One of our authors is Melinda LaFevers, who wrote “The Healer.”

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We asked her for some background on her story and here’s what she said:


My father was a wise man. A sociologist, he studied mankind and society for well over 70 years – he was in his mid 80s when he passed. He was very able to predict the future, based on the past. I was told about race riots well before Ferguson, class riots long before Occupy Wall Street, and police assassinations two full years before Dallas. He also predicted the refugee situation in Europe – and when that started making the news, he looked at me and said “I really thought we had another generation to go before this happened.”

He made two predictions that have yet to happen: He said that if Trump was elected, America would go up in flames. He did not know if it would be internal revolution, or if Trump would get us involved in a war. He also said that my knowledge of medicinal plants would make me a valuable commodity “soon.” That last statement scares me.

While he passed away before Trump was elected, with the accuracy my father had in his other predictions – well, let’s just say I am continuing to study about plants and their properties.

My story, “The Healer,” is, in a way, a tribute to my father, and was inspired by his predictions.

One more thing: mullein has been scientifically shown to have a compound that acts as a bronchial dilator, so its traditional use for bronchitis and chest congestion has been scientifically verified. Plantain seeds are known to lower blood sugar, and studies are currently being conducted on its properties.”

Please get a copy of this anthology so you can read her powerful story.

Melinda was kind enough to do a guest blog for me in September. She performs at Mid-South Renaissance Faire, where I volunteer as Lady Marbury and Goodwife Slocombe.

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