People of MAT: K. G. Anderson

More Alternative Truths, coming November 11, from B Cubed Press, is more than a book. It is people.

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One of them is Karen Anderson, author of “The Right Man for the Job.”

Karen, who writes as K.G. Anderson, has been working as a journalist since the day she left college. She’s written about vegetarian restaurants, the final days of the war in Vietnam, Johnny Cash, the drug paraphernalia industry, hazardous waste dumping, travel in Italy, cross-dressing, and how to choose a dentist. She’s also worked in corporate communications and marketing, with clients in publishing, high tech, medical technology, government, and landscape design.

All this comes together in her equally eclectic speculative fiction. Especially in the story she wrote for More Alternative Truths, where journalists and politicians from the past and present collide in her hometown of Washington, D.C.

While Karen had written extensively about city and state politics, she’d never gotten involved in a political campaign until 2016. She was part of a West Coast fundraising effort for Clinton coordinated by science fiction fans and Star Trek writers and actors (SF writer David Gerrold was one of the hosts).

“As we came into the final months of the 2016 campaign, I had this sense of impending doom,” she said. “When my worse fears were realized, I was inspired to write ‘Patti 209,’ a dark, dystopian story that B Cubed bought for Alternative Truths.”

For More Alternative Truths, Karen changed gears and went for political comedy with “The Right Man for the Job.”

Karen has written about the experience of being part of the B Cubed writing/editing/publishing community on her blog, WriterWay:…/alternative-truths-an-unexpected-s…/

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