Is DJT Ready to be President? IMHO, No!

Today is the last full day of B. H. Obama’s term. Tomorrow, about lunch time, D. J. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States. In my opinion, DJT is not qualified for the position, and I strongly suspect he will last less than two years before resigning, being impeached, or death. (Irish betting site Paddy Power is giving 8 to 1 odds that DJT won’t last six months in the White House.) However, as of tomorrow, he will be the president, and I will try to respect the office, as little as I trust the man who will hold it. I have friends and relatives who say I’m overreacting. A writing acquaintance thinks he’ll be a good leader. An old high school classmate says I’m unfair in not giving him a chance. I have relatives who admit DJT is imperfect, but still think HRC would have been worse.

I hope they’re right and I’m wrong. For the sake of our future, for the sake of our nation, I hope to high Heaven I’m wrong.

Donald Trump at a political rally in San Jose, CA.

[Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images,  from my  Reagan endorsed over Trump article]

I, personally, am in little danger from DJT. I am too old and too chubby to attract him, and unlikely to ever meet him in person. I’m WASP, so I have less to fear than my African-American, Native American, atheist, Jewish, and Pagan friends. I have pre-existing health conditions, but not nearly as serious as some of my friends, who face death and/or bankruptcy if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a suitable replacement ready to put in its place. But I have a son who just signed up with Selective Service (couldn’t apply to a state college without proof of doing so) and the man who will be Commander in Chief in approximately 24 hours has a thin skin, a short temper, and an apparent inability to take what he perceives as an insult without responding.

I know we’ve had presidents who were adulterers before, and some of them were good leaders, despite their despicable personal habits. I don’t remember any presidents who were as indiscreet about their infidelity as DJT has been with his three wives.

Donald Trump with third wife, Melania Trump.

[Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images, from my Trump’s feud with Cruz article]

President Grant went bankrupt after his presidency (presidents did not receive a pension at the time), but DJT has had six bankruptcies already. One or two could be understandable, but six, for a successful businessman, seems excessive.

“Like master, like man.” Many of his choices for his administration are unqualified for their posts. Many have conflicts of interest. Many have ungenerous opinions on LGBT civil rights and feminism. Indeed, many of my friends fear a President Pence more than they fear a President Trump.

I find Trump’s “bromance” with Putin troubling. I find the probability of Russian meddling with the American election disgusting.

What concerns me most are his ethics and character. DJT has had hundreds of lawsuits filed against him because of breaking contracts and not paying his bills. Any businessman will face some lawsuits, of course, both as a plaintiff and as a defendant, but DJT has decades of complaints that he has welched on debts and not paid employees and subcontractors what they were owed. His charitable foundation is under investigation for fraud. He made generous donations to state attorney generals who then conveniently dropped investigating the Trump University case, which wound up being settled out of court. He has multiple conflicts of interest, from the North Dakota pipeline to foreign debts. If he’s not an ethical businessman, how can he be an ethical president?

His character is “unpresidented.” He switches opinions like a weather vane, then denies his former statements, even when it’s recorded. He does not seem to know the difference between truth or falsehood, or if he knows, he does not care. Mrs. Clinton said he was too thin-skinned to be commander in chief, and for once, I agree with her. DJT is short-tempered, thin-skinned, and quick to respond (and overreact) to perceived insults. Those who know him claim his attention span is very short. He refuses to read long reports, wanting complex information condensed down to a single page. It is rumored he does not read books. He prefers Twitter over any other method of communication. He has a history of racist and misogynistic comments.

I am not a psychologist, so I cannot say whether he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I can say that he appears very self-centered and mean-spirited.

I am frightened for my country with Donald J. Trump in the White House. I hope I am wrong; I fear I am not.

[Feature Image via Pixabay]


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