Edghill and Walker on the Dangers of Normalizing the Abnormal

This is a joint guest post, from writers Rosemary Edghill and the Rev. Mr. J. Walker.  Both posts are taken from their Facebook pages with their permission.

Rosemary Edghill on the Language of Political Discourse

Language and word use are my business. They are my stock in trade. And so, with utmost respect to those of you reading this, I submit what must be, when all is said and done, purely my own opinion, and in no wise an attempt to make you do something, or give up doing something, if, in your heart, you find it good. But perhaps some of you will agree with what I say, and take it as your own place to stand.

We must not allow the thugs in power to define the language of our political discourse. Do not follow the soi-disant Fourth Estate in normalizing the language we must use to speak of the usurpers and oppressors. Not “alt-right” but “white supremacist”. Not “unprepared”, but “incompetent”.

“Working together”? Call it by its true name: collaborating with the enemy. “Give him a chance”? TO DO WHAT, FOR FUCK’S SAKE? Make good on his campaign promises? REALLY? President-Elect Thugpuppet and his inner circle of sycophantic bootlickers aren’t the Merry Pranksters. They are privileged self-centered plutocrats who only want power at any price and absolute revenge on everybody they suspect of not thinking they’re as wonderful as they know themselves to be. AND THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE IN CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT.

This is not a time to “hope” or “pull together” or “make it work”. This is a time to refuse to cede the bullies one inch of ground.

Including the language of public discourse.


J. Walker on #ThisIsNotNormal

And more than anything else, the hashtag that I’ve been using for the past several days, the sentence that John Oliver begged us to remember in his post-election show, is something that you absolutely must keep in mind: #ThisIsNotNormal

The media, in an attempt to be fair, is going to try to normalize this. Watch out for that, and call them on it at every turn. It is not normal for an open anti-Semite and white nationalist to be in charge of White House strategy. It is not normal for a man rejected by a Republican panel as a federal judge in the 80s for racism to be the new attorney general. It is not normal for the children of a President to manage a multibillion dollar business on his behalf, and it is not normal for one of those children to sit in on the private first meeting between the President-Elect and the Japanese Prime Minister, nor is it normal for the same child to attempt to use a television interview with her family to promote her jewelry brand. It is not normal for a President-Elect to pay tens of millions of dollars to settle a major fraud case that involved seniors being fleeced of their life savings. It is not normal for his Vice President to openly advocate for shock treatment for LGBT youth. It is not normal, it is not, it is not, and we cannot afford to pretend otherwise for even the briefest moment.

And there’s so much more. The tweets against the New York Times and the cast of Hamilton. The fact that he didn’t ask the State Department to prep him before taking calls from foreign leaders, and the fact that these foreign leaders ended up having to call through to Trump Tower. His ditching of the press, leaving them completely in the dark as to where he was, meaning that they could not accurately inform the public of his whereabouts or safety in the case of a national emergency.

All of it.

This is very bad. It seems likely that he’s going to be trying to implement his programs in a serious of stages, hoping that we’ll be like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water, and not notice how bad things have gotten until it’s all done.

The only way to fight that is to not let him turn up the heat even a little.

We make his life and administration an utter hell for him over the next four years, or we lose our country. The next major step will be the midterms, and if and when we get even one House of Congress back, that will seriously screw things up for his larger agenda. In the meantime, though, he doesn’t get a wink of sleep.


My thanks to Rosemary Edghill and the Rev. Mr. J. Walker for permission to repost their wise words. Ms. Edghill’s The Failure of Moonlightthe Shadow Grail series, The Empty CrownDead Reckoning, and other books are available through Amazon and bookstores nationwide.  Mr. Walker is available for weddings.

A longer version of this blog appears on my HubPages account.  Remember, my children’s book R is for Renaissance Faire is available through Amazon, as is my e-book Knee-High Drummond and the Durango Kid.


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