Donald Trump is not fit to be POTUS

I am a fifth-generation Republican, but I can not support Donald Trump.

The San Diego Union-Tribune can’t, either. They suggested San Diegans write-in the late Ronald Reagan rather than vote for Trump.

North Korea, however, does support him, and Vladimir Putin seems to like him.  Both “endorsements” are marks against Trump, in my opinion.

He is not a true Republican, although he has tried to pander to the ultra-conservative right wing of the party, to get them to overlook his philandering and adultery.

Trump has insulted people he should be working with, not against. He is sexist, and will probably have few, if any, women in his cabinet.

Overseas, the new mayor of London accused his political rivals of using Donald Trump’s playbook. What does it mean for international relations when a potential president’s name is used as a pejorative?

He’s downright rude.

Donald Trump neither understands nor respects the Constitution.  He does not respect anyone but himself. His opinions change on a weekly, if not daily, basis. He’s biased against women, racial minorities, and Moslems.

The editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune said it best:

We can’t endorse Trump for reasons we’ve documented  repeatedly: belligerence, casual cruelty, incoherence on policy issues.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think president of the United States should be an entry-level position for someone considering a career in politics. Donald Trump lacks the experience, judgment, and moral compass to be president.

I urge you to vote against him, as do Stephen King and Amy Tan.



4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is not fit to be POTUS

  1. Since release from active duty in the USMC in 1964 I have been a resident and voter in California, owned my own home for nearly 30 years also, I have voted for members of the major political parties ever since the mid 60s and have been a registered voter but have found myself changing political parties every once and a while based on the issues. From what I have read about Donald Trump, he is a good, smart business person but I have not read anything about his political skills and when I have watched and listened to him speak – he does not come off as a politically savvy person. Some of what I have heard him say are almost unnerving. In my mind, this country would be in terrible trouble with him as a leader. He almost acts / sounds as though he is mentally unwrapped. I would never vote for him to represent me or any of our citizens.


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