Buy My Book!!!

R is for Renaissance Faire is now available in paperback or Kindle.

To purchase the paperback version for $12, click here.

To purchase the e-book for $7.99, click here.

Or come to the 2nd Annual Mid-South Renaissance Faire, where I will be selling autographed copies at a special price.

R is for Renaissance is an ABC book, intended for older readers, a photographic souvenir of a Renaissance Faire.  A is for archery, B is for bagpipes, C is for craftsman, etc.

You may also wish to purchase my collection of western short stories, Knee-High Drummond and the Durango Kid, available as an e-book only.  If so, click here.


If you’re in a Renaissance Faire mood, you could buy my book (full of beautiful pictures by R. B. Macdonald), or you could invest in the Kickstarter project for RenFest, a proposed sitcom set at a Renaissance festival, focusing on the conflicts between a new assistant manager who wants everything educational and historically accurate, and the general manager/entertainment director who’s more interested in fun and making a profit.  It’s being written and produced by the talented crew behind Mystery Science Theater 3000.

 RenFest – Can the MST3K Work Their Magic Through Kickstarter for a New Show?

Be sure to watch the trailer at the end of the article.  It’s hilarious.

Edward and Susan Macdonald at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, May 7, 2016.
[Photo by Ian Macdonald]


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