Tristan the Brave

This is a poem I wrote for my nephew, Tristan Accampo, back in 1994. It is absolutely dreadful, completely devoid of scansion, with a forced rhyme scheme. I do not think I will try to sell it as a children’s story.  The best illustrations in the world couldn’t save this bit of dreck.

Update:  the editors of Wee Tales disagreed with me.  They’ll be publishing it in their next issue.  I submitted it to them in September of 2016; they accepted in in May of 2018.  De gustibus non est disputandum.

Tristan the Brave

by Susan Macdonald

Once upon a time Sir Tristan the Brave,

Flew out on dragonback, a puppy to save.

Wicked pirates had climbed up the castle wall

And stole the puppy from the King’s own hall.

They stole the King’s silver.  They stole the King’s gold,

And then away sailed the pirates bold.

The King called Sir Tristan the Brave:

“Fetch your dragon from his cave!

I don’t care about silver or gold,

But save my puppy,” Sir Tristan was told.

Sir Tristan and his dragon flew so high,

Over the ocean, over the sky.

When they saw the pirate ship,

The dragon flapped his wings and turned a flip.

The dragon breathed smoke.  The dragon breathed fire.

He set the pirate ship on fire.

The frightened pirates jumped over the side

And swam away on the evening tide.

Friendly mermaids brought the treasure up,

And Sir Tristan and his dragon rescued the pup.

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